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CRG specializes in the sale of commercial retail property in the Pacific Northwest.  In 2004, CRG sold over sixty-seven million dollars and over two hundred twenty-one thousand square feet of retail shopping centers and retail investment property.  

Why CRG?
Data File: We have the most extensive ownership file in the region and we have full access to the institutional and professional investors and sellers that could be attracted to the market place.
Track Record: We have consistently sold more retail shopping centers, particularly in the upper price range, than any other individual or company in the Pacific Northwest.
Comparables: Our concentration on retail gives us the ability to provide lease and sales comparables in greater depth and quality.
Negotiating Skills: We believe the majority of our success, along with hard work and specialization, comes from our ability to create urgency and demand and to eliminate uncertainty and concerns.
Specialization: By working only on retail and only in the Pacific Northwest, we have created superior market knowledge.
Relationships with Brokers and Buyers: By concentrating on the long term with investors and sellers and cooperating fully with outside brokers, we have access to, and the ear of, the highest potential investors and sellers and the market's leading agents.
Confidence: We have been and continue to be extremely bullish on the retail outlook for the Pacific Northwest.  This confidence in our product is contagious and can be passed on to investors and sellers to create strong motivation and pleased clients.

For more information on how CRG can help you find the retail investment that is right for you, or market your property to ready investors, please contact us.

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